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Browse The Web Faster
(versions 4.x/5.x/6.x)

Internet Explorer has tons of keyboard and mouse shortcuts to make browsing the web easier. Here are just a few tips to make your browsing life easier.:

Quickly open a webpage:
Click Start > Run, type in the URL and hit Enter.
Open a link in a new window:
Hold down SHIFT when you click on the link.
Browse your computer with Internet Explorer:
Type in a local path (like C:\) in the address bar and hit Enter.
Change your desktop wallpaper:
Right click on an image in a web page and choose Set as Background from the menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

In the address bar of Internet Explorer, pressing CTRL+ENTER will add “http://www.” and “.com” to the URL for you.

Give it a try.

Type “f3csi” and press CTRL+ENTER.
Reload the current page F5
Go Back Backspace or
ALT+Left Arrow
Go Forward Shift+Backspace or
ALT+Right Arrow
Scroll Down 1 Line Down Arrow
Scroll Down 1 Page Spacebar or
Scroll Up 1 Line Up Arrow
Scroll Up 1 Page Shift+Spacebar or
Scroll To Top Home
Scroll To Bottom End
Find Text CTRL+F
Select All CTRL+A
Print Page CTRL+P
Stop loading page ESC
Show Search CTRL+E
Show Favorites CTRL+I
Show History CTRL+H
Open Current Page
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