F3 Tips & Tricks - Volume 1

Get Your Files Together

Opening... closing... saving... copying... deleting. All this stuff can cause the files on your hard drive to get fragmented (i.e. parts of your files are scattered everywhere).

If a file is fragmented, the next time that you try to open it the computer has to pull the parts of it together from places all across the drive. Wouldn't it be faster to have the file stored all in one place?

Of course it would. To fix the problem you continued...

Browse The Web Faster

Internet Explorer has tons of keyboard and mouse shortcuts to make browsing the web easier. Here are just a few continued...

Banish Active Desktop

Active Desktop originally came out as part of Internet Explorer 4.0. It's sole purpose is to let you to put a web page on your Desktop.

Cool, eh? Yes, but continued...

Find Fast... Makes You Slow

Find Fast is a component of Microsoft Office (starting with Office 97). It indexes the files on your hard drive to speed up finding documents from the Open dialog box in Microsoft Office programs. To get a free performance continued...

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