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A professionally designed web site can yield instant credibility to even the smallest company. Most companies looking for a professional image spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on yellow page ads, television or radio spots, logo design, and brochures yet neglect to apply the same attention to detail on their web site design.

Is the "branding" on your website consistent with your other marketing materials? Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

What impression do customers get when they visit your web site for the first time?
What type of incentives to return do you provide? (Product lists, order tracking, online manuals, etc.)
Does your web site look different when using different web browsers? What does it look like in Netscape Navigator? In Internet Explorer?
How long does it take for your web site to load on a dialup connection?
Is your web site optimized for top search engine placement?

We specialize in creating fast, optimized web sites with innovative designs. Don't let your "Internet image" fall short. Let F3 help you bring your web site up to the standards that you have set for your other marketing materials.

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