The Good Stuff

Once You Know, You Newegg
We absolutely LOVE NewEgg for any of our technology (i.e. geek) purchases. They ship fast and their prices are unbeatable.
We use (and wholeheartedly recommend) for domain registrations. Back in the old days, Network Solutions was the only game in town and they could charge whatever they wanted to (and they still try to).

Network Solutions charges $35/year for the exact same thing you can get at GoDaddy for under $9/year. Feel free to try Network Solutions if you still believe the hype and /or are into name brands.

Packet 8 offers VOIP (voice over IP) hosted PBX service that gives small to medium sized businesses a large business image (with features like an automated attendant, business class voicemail, transferring between extensions, hunt groups, voicemail to email, simultaneous ringing, and so much more).

We use a Packet8 phone system every day and we love it!

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