You are what you read...

ďA mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.ď - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Why should you care what we read? The answer is simple: what we read has an effect on the quality of the work we can do for you.

In our constant quest to improve the value our clients receive, we read a lot of books. The majority of those books are on business and technical subjects because they are what benefit you, our customer, the most.

Technical Subjects

The books on technical issues help us provide a better and more cost-effective product to you. Still not sure why our voracious appetite for books benefits you? Well, let's look at some examples of the effects.

  • Your web site takes less time to complete.
  • Your web site costs less because it can be created with less effort.
  • Your web site design is more user-friendly and professional.
  • Your web site is more stable.
  • Your web site gets more traffic (and more potential customers).
  • You get a more interactive and innovative web site for the same amount of money.

Business Subjects

The books on business subjects help us to provide better suggestions and ideas for marketing and managing your company. How does that benefit you?

  • Your web site integrates innovative sales techniques to get customers to buy.
  • Your web site provides incentives for the customer to come back after the sale.
  • Your web site utilizes cross marketing techniques to get more customers.
  • Your web site enhances your image and targets your specific demographic.
  • Your web site helps you better understand your customers and their needs.

The Bottom Line

If the company you trust with developing your online image isnít constantly learning about new technologies, industry trends, advertising, and business strategies, how can you expect them to provide the best service and support for you (and your customers in return)?

The results of all that reading we do...

      - You get a better product.

      - We both get satisfied customers.

Ed Ferking is the President of F3 Computerized Solutions, a web site design and consulting firm specializing in providing innovative solutions to business problems. F3 Computerized Solutions can be reached by telephone at 813.413.4558.


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You are what you read...

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